Thursday, July 26, 2007

Soggy, soggy, and more sogginess

This has been the view from the front porch the past few days. The view, that is, when it isn't either pouring rain, flashing lightning, or doing both at the same time. I'd love to post the pretty pictures of the bright yellow Masham yarn I spun to offset this gloom but my photo editor and all-around tech support person (aka Kelly) hasn't gotten around to editing my newest photos due to having 2 babies to deal with and attempting to read Harry Potter in between the baby-dealing. I'm not fussing about this since I have Mamaw on me because I can't seem to get the photos my brother took on his digital camera (which used to be mine) to get off the camera card and onto my computer. I have practically stood on my head trying every option I can to get this to happen and all of them have failed. Now this camera never acted like this with me. And I know there are pictures on the darned thing-I can see them on the digital camera screen. They just prefer to stay where they are. So this photo of a storm brewing on the horizon is doubly appropriate since it is positioned over Mamaw's house and is probably being partially generated by her irritation at my failure to comply with her instructions.
I did go to weaving last night. I most definitely missed my friend, Martha, greatly because it allowed Evelyn, our teacher, to focus her full attention on me. Before this, I've been able to quietly slip my mistakes by and fix them without being caught since she was helping Martha. (Yes, Martha, I DO appreciate the distractions you create in class!) However, I was well and truly taught last night. I did manage to finish winding all of my warp, which seem to be an endless chore, and start warping. I only got 10 ends on before class ended and I was totally paranoid all the way home that the rest of the warp would fall off and I'd lose my cross and well, that would be a total tangled disaster. I did successfully get home without having to jam on the brakes or make any other sudden manuvers that might have juggled the loom.

I finished up the baby socks last night but again, the photos are with Kel. Please do not expect wonderful photos. She has informed me that my photography skills are sadly lacking and most of what I sent her was out of focus. Yet another blow to my ego.

So, in an attempt to divert you from the fact that I haven't any spinning, weaving, or knitting to show you, here is the one flower I did manage to grow successfully this summer. My clematis. It was only a small twig with 2 blooms last year but had a ton of blossoms this year. Good thing, nothing else quite managed to recover from our late frost.

Now that I've prattled on about little of nothing, I think I'll go and do some actual knitting. I found out last night that yet another friend is joining the ranks of grandmother-hood and I will need to add to the list of baby items I want to knit. Please note the "want". If only there wasn't a need for sleep, I might actually finish up all the items I want to knit, to weave, and to spin before I run out of time to do such things.

Bridget would say, would you like a lollipop with that whine?

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