Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tech Support

Mom can erase this and fill in the info.
What fun would erasing your contribution be? I'll just work around it, shall I? After all, we're in this together and heaven knows, I couldn't do without you. Besides, I still love you because you're my daughter and not just because you happen to be really, really good at being my techie.

Mamaw and her scarf.
It isn't a scarf, dear Techie, it's actually a shawl but she wouldn't hold it wide so I could show this.

Josie's socks. Yes, Tech Support Kelly is correct. I definitely need to improve my photo taking skills. Even she, with all her expertise and fancy software, couldn't unblur (de-blur?) this pic. But you get the general idea....I can't quite remember the yarn due to throwing the ball band away after I knit the first pair of socks out of the skein, those being for my feet, but do think they had something like "Raggi" in the title. I do like the yarn though and hope I can recognize it if I ever come across it again.

Yellow yarn. But not just any yellow yarn. This is 100% Masham, handdyed from Black Bunny Fibers and my favorite I've spun so far. I spindle-spun half of it and wheel-spun the other half and then plied them together. The spindle-spun yarn was a tad bit more energized than it should ideally have been but I washed the yarn and then dried it with the weight on it method. I think it will bias well in knitting it up and it's intended to be wrist-warmers for this winter.

Sweater: The Merry Sweater for Bridget. An Elsebeth Lavold design, done in Hempathy. I love the colors, the feel of the yarn. The photo frankly doesn't do much for it. Let's just say it's still "under construction" and forgive it's general lack of looking as good here as it will when it's finished.

Mom's (That's me, the mom of Tech Support and slave to the Brown Dog) flowers:
Pink ice. I didn't think it would bloom this year but then I found it in full color, 3 weeks later than it was supposed to have bloomed.

Storm's A Comin'
This has been just about an every afternoon sight. Not quite as pretty as this one was, with the trailers of light streaming through the storm clouds but definitely have been being hit with daily thunderstorms and some nasty lightning. One of the reasons the blogging has been behind. Not too smart to try to do anything on the computer when the lightning is dancing about the house that you chose to build on a hilltop.

Pedro prefers the Vintage Look

Well, Pedro says he'll think about whether or not he prefers this vintage look to the original "modern" photo. He's willing to see if it gets any positive comments once we ever manage to get comments at all.


Micheleknits said...

I think pedro is a handsome devil no matter what look he uses

Eileen said...

Could the blue sock yarn have been "Regia" ?? Personally, I'm allergic to knitting sox, but my mother is an absolute socknut and I have heard this term bandied about. Along with how both socks MUST have matching sequences - sigh. Knitting is an art, not a science. - EB

A :-) said...

Hi - I came to your blog from the Spinning list! Love the "Pedro Retro!" Handsome devil, isn't he?

A :-)